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I like this idea already, so I made a tumblr about it.
I'll be posting pics of the girls from their various post-season ventures
up until the new season starts!
Oh, and I'll probably be talking mad shit about some of them.


whelp, here’s to hoping that the winner of the next cycle actually deserves to win.

and the idea that angelea originally won is absolutely appalling.

but if she did and she blabbed about it, HAH.

i know that allison probably really doesn’t care all too much about losing, but honestly, cycles 12 and 17 are two of the biggest upsets in reality TV history.

"allison, you have the biggest fanbase in antm history, you won the interview challenge, and you beat lisa at the music challenge (which she said was her true passion), proving yourself as well-rounded and likeable by everyone, but none of that matters because i’m tyra banks and i make horrible decisions

as you’ve realized,

i stopped actively updating this tumblr forever ago.

basically, i love allison harvard, and if she doesn’t win i’m gonna kill something.

dominique should not have gone home before angelea.

lisa would be barely passable as a winner, and angelea would be an complete shame.

and this whole movie thing about modeland is fucking stupid. christ.

ahaha, sorry to be so negative all of a sudden, but i haven’t vented about antm in a bit.

nota bene - tyson bedford’s opinions are dumb.

Thanks for answer me! And I like Ann too, it just i prefer the other girl....

Of course! And yeah, to each their own. It all comes down to what Tyra wants, really, ahah.

It just me that think that the bests top models are always in the second or third place? Raina, Jane Randall, Chantal, Kahlen , Analeigh, Allison, Laura....

I agree with Allison and Laura.. I didn’t like Chantal any more than Saleisha. And I wanted Naima and Ann to win throughout their entire seasons. I really didn’t like anyone in Raina’s season but I guess she was good.. As for Analeigh’s season… I wanted Elina to win.


Allison Harvard - Underwater

looks like she (of course) was able to do well despite not looking like the challenge would be very good for her